What’s your unique selling point?

What sets your product apart from your competitors?

Establish 3 points of difference in terms that your customers will understand and recognise. Refine the message and reinforce it on all of your literature – use it as a mantra:

“Mrs Marketing – friendly, professional and

cost-effective marketing help to grow your


tHiNkInG OuTsIdE tHe BoX…:)

Are you bored of the same old same old?

I bet your customers feel that way too.  What can you do to brighten their day?

Often what is going on in your mind is the same for your customers so why not surprise them with insightful and thoughtful changes to the way you conduct your business?

Some suggestions –

Write a sales poem

Make your product twice/half the size

Mix your product with someone else’s to create a new offer

Invite your best customer to an industry event

Get a local celebrity to appear at a show in your premises

I know, I know, these are rather wacky suggestions – it’s just how I’m feeling today!

Planning to fail by failing to plan?

Are you planning to fail by failing to plan? How does your marketing plan for 2013 shape up?

Marketing Magic, Marketing Mediocrity or Marketing Mayhem?

It doesn’t have to take a long time or be a fancy excel work book.  There are probably more millionaires with a fag-packet-plan in their sock drawer than spreadsheets in their computer.  What matters is that you refer to it and update it regularly.  So, if you are still putting it off grab yourself an old envelope or scrap of paper and…

1)      Divide into 3 columns

2)      In the first one list out all the marketing activity you did this year

3)      In the next one put the costs associated with each

4)      In the final one put the revenue gained from each

There now that wasn’t so bad was it?

Keeping simple records of your marketing expenditure and the associated revenue is really important and is the first step towards developing your plan.  It is best if you can put this into an excel spreadsheet and create workbooks for each year – but this is not essential.  A paper napkin can be just as effective – just keep it somewhere that’s handy and don’t blow your nose on it!

Having got a basic picture of the return on each marketing investment you now need to plan out what to do next year.  Start with the most effective.  Be honest, even though some things may be hard to give up you must put your budget into things that work.  Roughly 80% should be placed into known profit drivers leaving 20% for trialing new ways to reach your target market.  Absolutely forget anything that didn’t pay for itself- that’s just not sustainable.

It is essential to keep adding new ways to your marketing plan and to optimise current trends and seasonal/one off events – eg the Olympics.  As a guide you should be aiming for 10 activities each month with the main objective of  bringing leads into your sales funnel.

Why not use your loaf?  Take the easy option and hire expert help to work out a plan for 2012 with you.  Twice the ideas, half the time.  Leaving you free to get on with the business of running your business.